Your story is a big deal.

I want you to always remember it.

My mission is to make sure you have a heartfelt film that you can showcase for decades to come - something your kids can watch and be a fly on the wall for your wedding day. 

Honest and easy pricing

Over the years - I have come to understand that not every wedding fits into a couple different packages. I create a custom "base" package for each couple based off of what I come to understand is most important for you and your guests from your wedding inquiry form as well as our first few conversations (whether that be via email, text, phone call, Marco Polo - whatever is EASIEST for you!). Once you have the necessities covered in that base package, you are then able to choose from different add ons that I offer to make sure you are getting everything you want!

Shoot me over an inquiry and I will get working on YOUR custom package!

Elopements start at $1900

Vegas, California, and Utah weddings start at $3100

Other stateside weddings start at $3950

International weddings start at $5550

your coffee table accessory

I'm a big believer in watching your family films so I want to make watching your wedding film as easy as possible!

This is one of my couples' favorite additions to add on to their wedding - a video album customized to you and your wedding!  

These also make perfect gifts for parents after the wedding - just let me know if you want more than one!

The process

Your story matters. I want your video to feel like you guys. I take a great deal of time before & after you book to get to know you guys and what's important in your life so that I can incorporate all of those things into your wedding film. One of my favorite ways to get to know you and your partner is to Marco Polo you guys during the booking process and/or the month leading up to your wedding - you have full access to me to finalize details of your timeline, ask any questions, and we can make sure we are all on the same page.


I am all about capturing real moments that you guys feel comfortable in, so if you guys love hiking together, grabbing coffee together, skydiving together, I totally want to capture some of those more everyday moments to add in as well (if you guys want, of course!). Except you'll have to pep talk me through the skydiving one haha. 

During your wedding day, I'll be a "fly on the wall" just capturing everything I see that I think will be important to you. I'll make sure you (grooms included) feel comfortable in front of the camera and will make sure you both look good. 

After the wedding festivities are over, I will be in touch and keep you updated through the whole editing process so you aren't left in the dark. Your final film will be delivered to you 3-4 months after your wedding (expediting this process is also available).