I REBRANDED and added fun stuff!


I am soo excited about all the changes going on here. One of them being this blog! I wanted a way to record in a journal like way the weddings I get the opportunity to go to and also want to build relationships with all of you (I would just say even though it's just my mom reading these but my mom isn't the most tech savvy of people so I am relying on YOU)

Throughout the next couple weeks, I want to share some of the exciting parts of my rebrand with you all in between some highlights of some of my recent weddings. This week, I figured I would start with my new name and logo!

So for those of you who are completely new here, this is just a small tweak to my old business name which had my maiden name. I recently got married and found that getting married gave me sooo much unexpected motivation and inspiration in my business. I had always loved filming weddings but for some reason, the thought of playing a role in other peoples' weddings like the role that my incredible vendors played in my wedding is so exciting. I found that using my new last name in my business gave me that inspiration in my daily work life.

Filming so many weddings the past years, I have realized that something I get a lot of joy from is the personal relationships that I have made with my couples and their families. I want to keep this business personal. I want you to get to know me and I want to get to know you. I thrive off of connections. That being said, for my logo, I chose to keep things personal. My childhood nickname for as long as I can remember is "Squid" so it just felt natural having that be apart of my logo. Daniel Neuman KILLED it with my logo. He is seriously sooo talented!

That's all for today! I want to keep these short and sweet. I will continue to write posts in the coming weeks about explain a little more about the changes that have come along with this rebrand. In the meantime, I would love to get to know all of you! Comment and tell me some things that inspire you in your personal life! Thanks for following along!